Popular horror games stay relevant for a long time

Once again, my blog post in inspired by youtube video. Author of this video, believes that in 5 years, popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s will lose it’s cultural relevancy. I tend to disagree with that statement. The reason is quite simple. There is not that many popular horror games and because of that, the ones that do manage to get popular are being relevant and discussed for many many years. Silent Hill games are a good example of this. First Silent Hill game still gets reviewed by modern youtubers. There are active podcasts dedicated to Silent Hill. There’s still active discussion about meaning and influences of Silent Hill games and of course, those games constantly are a part of conversation, when people are talking about horror genre in video games. And this is despite the fact that Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 are very old games. Almost same thing happened to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If you need some proof links.

Here’s an active youtube channel that is mostly dedicated to Silent Hill.

Here’s an active podcast dedicated to Silent Hill.

Here’s a relatively young youtuber that reviewed all Silent Hill games in 2015.

Here’s a youtube channel that discussed Silent Hill monsters in 2015.

For a person who is interested in horror genre, it doesn’t feel like Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 were released 15 years ago, cause everyone is still discussing it. That’s why I believe that FNAF might still be relevant in 5 years and any horror game that will menage to get popular will be culturally relevant for a long time.

p.s. Now I’m also guilty in beating a dead horse ;)

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