Mods & Maps

Half-Life: Before 

Half-Life: Before – is a modification for Half-Life with new levels and story. Mod is based on Spirit of Half-Life 1.8 technology, that is used to improve visual fidelity and gameplay functionality of mod.

Get it on Steam - Download Half-Life: Before

Gua’s Counter-Strike map pack

This map pack contains best counter-strike maps made by Andrii “Gua” Vintsevych. Some of those maps had won and took second or third places in various mapping competitions. This map pack includes: de_shooting, de_spoc, de_underfire, fy_school293. If you want to download those maps separately go here.

Download Gua Counter-Stike map pack

Gua’s Worms Armageddon map pack

Worm Armageddon map pack

This pack contains my color maps for the game Worms Armageddon. Two of those maps made for game scheme called shoppa and inspired by famous Counter-Strike maps de_dust and cs_assault. Third map is suitable for standard Worms Armageddon schemes.

Download Gua’s Worm Armageddon map pack


They Hunger: Escape

They Hunger: Escape is a single-player map for modification Half-Life: They Hunger. Parts of the map are based on a real location.
Download They Hunger: Escape

vs_hangar & vs_blairwitch 

Those maps are made for Half-Life mod Vampire Slayer.  In vs_hangar,  action takes place in industrial part of town. Big focus of this map is a balanced and fun gameplay for both Vampires and Slayers. Vs_blairwitch is inspired by The Blair Witch Project movie.

Download vs_hangar         Download vs_blairwitch