Andrii “Gua” Vintsevych


For youtubers and streamers.

Thank you for your interest in my games. Unfortunately confirmation of youtuber/streamer/press identity takes a lot of time, that’s why I’ve decided to provide steam keys only through So if you want to get a free steam key for my games, please verify your account on and request steam key for the game you want to get through

Here’s a direct link to my games on keymailer, where you can request a key:

Skinwalker Hunt:
Witch Hunt:
Shadows Peak:

I will send keys only to accredited accounts and don’t provide keys for giveaways.


If you want to make videos using one of my games, you’re free to monetize those videos. This form will help you get legal confirmation, if you need one.


Presskits for my old games can be found here.