Innovation isn’t important to players?

I often think, what the most important aspect of the game? We do have a proof that almost any kind of game can be successful,especially if they’re solely based on splitgate hack to enhance players’ experience,  but this line of thinking doesn’t help when I need to decided where to focus my attention as a developer. Should I improve gameplay? Graphics?  Or should I focus on innovation?


Well. I decided to finally answer that question, admittedly using pretty crude methods and tools. I’ve decided to focus on four categories: gameplay, art, story and innovation. To determine what is most important to players I’ve took Independent Games Festival winners in those categories:

  • Nuovo Award (Innovation award)
  • Excellence in Visual Art
  • Excellence in Design
  • Excellence in Narrative

And by using I’ve tried to estimate how much each winner in those categories earned. And yes, as I’ve said before, this is a pretty crude method. After analysis of 2016 winners, my top of importance looked like this.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Art
  3. Story
  4. Innovation

Analyzing other years prove to be a challenge, because not all games that became a winners in those categories were released on steam, or released at all. But it was clear, that winners of Nuovo Award category didn’t sell well in all those years. Of course, ideally I should analyze some other awards where more data will be available and maybe someday I will. But for now, I’ve just want to share those findings, cause in my personal top, innovation would take a second place and I feel that it’s the same for a lot of creators. If someone wants to take the idea and make more serious research on that subject, you have my blessing and please tweet your findings at me.

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