Gynophobia will be released May 29.

My horror shooter game about abnormal fear of women Gynophobia will be released 05/29/15 on Steam as Early Access title. Game was significantly updated and improved compared to the current version available on Desura. Gynophobia will also include Steam trading cards. New screenshots and trailer are available on Steam and on creashock website. Version for PC and Mac will be available on May 29, but I plan to add Linux version a bit later. Desura users will also receive updated version of a game. Here’a a list of changes compared to Gynophobia 1.2 on Desura.

  • New design for some enemies and characters
  • Graphical improvements
  • Partial Controller Support
  • Balance improvements
  • New GUI
  • Bug fixes
  • Localization to German
  • Localization to Polish
  • Localization to French
  • Localization to Ukrainian
  • Localization to Spanish
  • Localization to Brazilian Portuguese

and many more small changes and improvements.

Here’s new trailer for the game.

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