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Some time ago I’ve started to move away from Creashock Studios brand, but I’ve noticed that people still refer to my work as a work created by Creashock Studios and not as projects created by Andrii Vintsevych. Today I’ve decided to erase all references to Creashock Studios from website and move website to new domain. As of today, this website is accessible from url. For next 11 months url will also lead to this website, but after that time, this website will be only reachable using url.

There’s a lot of reasons why I’ve decided to move away from Creashock Studios brand, but the main reason is that Creashock Studios is a one man team. When people see Creashock Studios name, they expect a team of people, when in reality, there is only me. This might create false expectations and that is never a good thing.

Since there’s only me working on projects under Creashock Studios name, I don’t get attributed for my work, because all attribution goes to a mythical entity called Creashock Studios. I don’t think that this is right, so as a one man team I’ve decided to stick to my name instead of Creashock Studios brand. It might sound unprofessional in some circumstances, but I believe that it’s just a right thing to do.

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